Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Here are the final versions of my design for MARYLAND DEATHFEST XIII. These will be printed at an edition of 250, half of which will be in color and half in black and white. Pre orders for this will be available on their site shortly. 

Friday, March 20, 2015


This is a new piece of mine "DANSE MACABRE" for the "ILLUSTRATED DEATH" group show currently on view over at GRISTLE TATTOO & ART GALLERY. This piece is an interpretation of the themes of traditional Danse Macabre images, along with several other aspects of life, death, and their cyclical relationship to one another that I feel are common aspects of my work in general. The show has pieces on view and available for purchase by JEREMY HUSH, ALLISON SOMMERS, DYLAN GARRETT SMITH, ALISON LILLY, and MICHAL BRODKA as well as many others! Email info@gristletattoo.com for info on purchasing pieces from the show.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Colored, and white print on black designs for MARYLAND DEATHFEST XIII/2015

These are the other two alternate versions of the design that I completed for MARYLAND DEATHFEST. The previously posted black on white design, and the white on black design will both be available as shirts at the festival this year and the colored design will be available as a limited edition poster. Pre oreders will be available shortly through their webstie: https://www.marylanddeathfest.com/

Saturday, February 7, 2015

New gatefold design in progress.

I have been working on this gatefold design for a little over a month at this point. I have just finished the underpainting and am moving on to coloring it in. Its always great to have the opportunity to switch things up a bit with color, and especially with hand rendered color at that. I will be posting another hand colored illustration that I recently completed along with more details about this gatefold design.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

APOCRYPHA November 22nd - December 6th at THE COTTON CANDY MACHINE

Here are a few of the new pieces that will be on display at THE COTTON CANDY MACHINE November 22nd thorugh December 6th for my show "APOCRYPHA" These pieces focus on the mythological influence in art and the shared imagery and symbols of different religions and belief systems. The show will be in the back space of the gallery and the front space will be showing "NEW MAPS OF THE ABYSS" by the incredible ARIK ROPER and THE ART OF SKINNER. It has been a fun and exciting challenge to make preparations for the show and an excellent learning experience. The show will consist of several new works and several original commissioned works for bands like DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT, and KADAVAR and the gallery will also be unveiling a brand new piece by LORI NELSON on the opening night, 7-11 pm.


My finished submission for COMMUNION II: "OUT OF THE WOODS" by MIDNITE COLLECTIVE. This piece along with an original shirt design for LOCUSTA and the original cover artwork for WOODS OF DESOLATION's "AS THE STARS" were on view this weekend in LA. The show featured the work of Mike Lawrence, Shaun Beaudry, Krist Mort, Farron Loathing, Jean Saiz, View From the Coffin, and Sebastian Mazuera, with performances by SORXE, COUGH, ATRIARCH, and INVDRS. Unfortunately I was unable to attend but I find it hard to image that the event wasn't an amazing time.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


New shirt design for AGELESS OBLIVION. The design is based off of my interpretation of the Hindu deity Mahakali, goddess of time and death,